Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day 2010

So all of my days seem to run together now. It seems that all I do is whatever Riley does...wake up, eat, stay awake. Except Riley gets to go back to sleep after every meal...not me. Nope, I get to pump and clean and do household stuff, etc. But today...was a whole lot of nothin! I did try and nap to get rid of my horrible headache, but I'm not sure if I actually slept or not. It seemed like my brain was active the whole time and my headache is still here :(

On a funny note...the 2 times that Riley has had a blowout has been in Zach's arms..hahaaaa! I literally just laugh b/c it groses him out. Hey, I'm just glad she pooped b/c she was a little constipated today...poor Riley bugs :( And how sad is it when your little one is congested and they are trying to eat, only to have a hard time breathing. It makes me so sad! And guess what Sadie's new favorite toy is? Riley's aspirator! I've already had to replace 1 and it was a good one (the hospital kind...the ONLY ones that are worth anything).

This is Riley's current set up when we do tummy time...and apparently Sadie wanted to try it out :)

Is this dangerous? She wiggles her way down that thing and I don't understand how. (This is her sleep positioner)


Lindsey Carver said...

I didn't know R was congested! :( I'm sorry she's having a hard time breathing....not the best time to chew up those booger suckers Sadie!!

Libby said...

Was this before or after you re-positioned the "pillows"?