Thursday, January 21, 2010



Now that I am staying home, our world is going to change a little bit in how we spend our money. Losing one income is going to be quite a challenge. So, instead of eating out so much, I should probably start cooking more. I have gotten so spoiled to the "fast fix" of eating out that I can't even think of things to eat at home, let alone cook. I think all our spices are majorly expired too.

I did come across a website I think I will use to help get me started though. Check out

If you have any easy dinner ideas and recipes, please send them to me. What are YOUR household staple meals?

In the meantime, look at this adorable hat my mom made Riley. Hahaaa!

A few more cute captions of my little monkey...or should I say bear :)


Lindsey Carver said...

Girl, I can NEVER think of things for dinner! It's one of the many reasons I hate cooking. But I love Riley's new hat!

BrooksFamily said...

i hear ya girl! one income makes it tough...and now I'm going a bit crazy trying to get all natural, whole foods in our diet, ugh! We can chat next week.....

ps, that hat RULES!!!!