Friday, January 29, 2010

Mean Mommy!

Monday was our 1st round of shots. Poor baby girl. Riley's Ana (grandmother) had her camera out and ended up taking pics of the little one. I actually did good during the process, but looking at these faces afterwards makes my heart break more.

BEFORE her shots

Ugghhhh! Breathe baby girl...

We survived


This Texas Momma said...

Oh, those are always so awful. I'm glad everyone made it through alive though! And I LOVE her onesie! Who made it?!

BrooksFamily said...

we go next week....i am tearing up already! Only two shots though...not too bad. Stephie has to go in for her two week visit over spring break. I swear it is harder with older kiddos because they look at you like "what did you do!"....ugh!