Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Painting Party!!!!

I have had several people ask me about when we are painting because they would like to help. First of all, I want to thank everyone for all the help that has been offered!! That really means so much to Zach and I and we are so grateful for your desire to help us. I know schedules may not always mesh to actually help when we do ask for it, but your support is simply amazing!!

We are hoping to move into the house no later than July 11th. That means everything needs to be painted by July 9th (because we will finish with the floors once everything is painted). I figured the weekend would be the best time to have a painting party. That leaves 2 weekends to paint!!

Zach and I will start this weekend on Sunday June 29th. If anybody would like to come help us paint then let me know :-) We will most likely be painting in the evenings throughout the week and would like to finish the weekend of July 4th. I realize most people have plans for that holiday weekend, but if we are not done painting and you would like to help that weekend let me know as well :-)

I just want to say Thank You Thank You Thank You to everyone who keeps up with the Faris Fam!