Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kimmi's Bachelorette Party

So I've been a little behind on blogging. I've been busy with the house, so I just wanted to post some pics from my latest adventure. My friend Kimmi is getting married in 2 weeks and we had her bachelorette party on Saturday and we had a blast. We spent the day at a winery in Grapevine, got educated (a little), and got to taste some amazing wine...and some not so amazing wine. Later that evening we had dinner at the Gaylord and went dancing at the Glass Cactus. Well...not all of us were so brave in the dancing department. Here are some pics of our good time :-)

The beautiful bride to be coolin off Could we have some cheese with that wine?

Cute little Falon...always strikin a pose
The Matron of Honor, and the organizer of our big event :-)

Kimmi having a guy serenade of her bachelorette scavenger hunt duties. This was not a hard one :-)

This guy was crazy! He had a different outfit and makeup for each song...some were a little scary.
Crazy dancin girls!
I finally decided to join in for a little bit!
What seemed like fun and a great pic...
Turned out to be a GREAT PIC! I actually got on it to get a silly pic, stepped off and they came tumbling down. Hahaaa! I'm still waiting on that pic...