Sunday, April 27, 2008

Indecisive is my middle name ;-)

So my friend Lindsey and I made the trek out to the fabric store in Ft. Worth (Cabbage Rose Quilting) this weekend. I found my fabric, and after seeing it spread out, AND seeing all the other AMAZING patterns, I'm not so sure I will use this fabric for my duvet. It's amazing how fabric looks laid out. The one's you think you'll love, you don't love as much. And the one's you don't think you'll love! Anyway, I did find a duvet cover at Crate and Barrell that i like. So I may not make one...but I WILL be make something...whether it be a shower curtain or pillows. I don't know yet. I just love that store! Driving by, it just looks like an old ghetto building fom 20 years ago, that may actually be closed down. But then you walk inside it's a whole different story.

They had so many cute things...Agghh! I found myself thinking off all the stuff I could make and just went crazy in my head. First...I need to learn all there is to sewing. I'm hoping my Mom will help with that. Anybody else sew??? I actually have an old sewing machine that my grandmother gave me :-)