Sunday, February 17, 2008

Amazing Love on Valentines Day

I've been reading this book called "Secrets of the Secret Place" by: Bob Sorge. It's a book about keys to ignighting your personal time with God. It has been so wonderful to read it! The chapters are very short and the book offers so much grace in many wonderful truths!

Today the chapter was "The Secret of Feeling Attractive to God". What a day to read it on Valentines Day! For those of us who struggle with knowing God's personal love for us, and have a hard time accepting his grace, all the while trying to please him still to earn His love, I thought I'd share this with you. I picked some truths from the book. Sorry for it's length but I had a hard time picking and choosing what to leave out. I would like to rename the chapter however...

The Secret of KNOWING You're Attractive to God:

The accuser wants you to see a Father who is harsh, demanding, never satisfied with your performance, mostly disappointed with you, and frustrated with the rate of your spiritual growth. (Most of this keeps us out of the secret place with God, running from Him instead of TO Him)

But God is smiling on you! He desires your company and He longs to be intimate with you!

When you know you are attractive to God, you come into His presence with boldness, with a lifted face, with expectant eyes, with a delighted smile, with an eager voice, and with a burning heart. Hear this...He doesn't enjoy you any less because you struggle! He knows your weakness, he sees your failures, but yet He owns you as His child and enjoys you even when you fall! He loves to pick you up (or wach you get up) and watch you keep stepping forward again and again into His arms. A picture God gave me while reading this...He is standing there with a smile on His face, in loving adoration and arms open wide waiting to embrace us! He enjoys us at every stage of the maturity process. probably know what this is like as you watch your little ones struggle to learn to walk. I love this picture! Even though they may attempt those 1st little steps and fall down, you are so excited and jump for joy and have such an explosion of excitement and joy. You don't get frustrated with eagerly and lovingly wait and anticipate their next steps, knowing they will get stronger and stronger.

"Set me as a seal upon your heart!" Song of Solomon 8:6. In other words, "Cause your life to be bound up in mine. Cause the primary affections of Your heart to be fastened upon me."

God feels much more deeply and passionately about me than I do about Him. Even when our passions for Him are burning hot and bright for Him, they do not approach the intensity of His love for me/us. Although the busyness of life may take our thoughts and attention away from Him, He NEVER stops thinking about me/us! When we return to thoughts of Him, the immediate witness of the Spirit is, "I've been here all along, waiting for you. I love you so much!"

He wants you to come into the secret place. He has been waiting for you, and He will continue to wait for as long as necessary. May you have grace from above to truly own the reality of this powerful secret: God finds you attractive!