Sunday, July 6, 2008


Wow! What a weekend. We started painting our house Friday morning at 9 am and went everyday until about 7pm and FINALLY finished on Sunday. I can't even express how glad I am that all of that part is complete. I say "part" because there is still much to do. Most importantly we will be packing our apartment all week preparing to move this weekend. Needless to say, I will be so relieved when that part is done too. It has just been crazy.

We also couldn't have done this so quickly without our friends that helped. We hired an awesome painter named Saul and he works for himself and was so amazing!!! He was such a hard worker, and he worked FAST, AND he was GOOD! Not only was he all those things, he was such a nice, polite, respectful gentleman. He was literally a "god-send". I will forever recommend him so if you need a painter, please ask me and I will give you his number.

My sister Emily, my brother Ben and his girlfriend Neely, and good friends Brooke and Jason came to help paint also. We would not be finished this weekend without their help and we are soooo thankful!! Thank you so much guys :-) Seriously! You were also a "god-send" and an answer to prayer.

I decided not to post any more pics of the house because we will have a house warming party in a few months and I want all of you to come!! you have to come ;-) Ahhhh...anyway...I am pooped and am going to bed. Much love :-)


BrooksFamily said...

Yea! Can't wait to see it! I have a card and a little something for you.....that I keep forgetting to being with me!!

It's moving time! Josh's best friend is painting and moving this weekend much fun! It'll be a blast to finally be sitting on your couch, enjoying all the beauty of your hard work! until you realize you missed a spot (or maybe that's just me ;)

lauren w said...

YES!! housewarming!!! i can't wait!! we are still stinging projects out. i have been painting the kitchen cabinets for 3 day now and am only 1/5 of the way through? how does that happen???