Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Since I’m a little behind on blogger, I thought I’d catch up and add some pics from our Cancun trip from Summer 2007. We stayed at a pretty cool all-inclusive hotel called “Oasis Viva Beach”. For those on a budget, it was great! They had 3 different restaurants and they switched up the variety and menu every night. And not to mention the food was actually good. Zach loves authentic local places so we still got to do that, but everything was worth it. We were within walking distance from the main area with all the restaurants, shops, etc. We’d definitely go back!
This is our night out at the beach just hangin out

The view from our room

Zach almost eating it...Ha! Just kidding. It was totally posed after he really did almost eat it and I wasn't quick enough with my camera. Pretty good eh?

Mmmmmm...Sushi and a cocktail anybody?

This was our little beach area where we spent the most of our time

Our night out at Coco Bongo!! Talk about crazy! Doors open at 11pm and party goes on until 6am. We definitely could not hang...but it was pretty cool. It was literally a constant Vegas show. Well...about as Vegas as Cancun could do. But it was pretty fun :-)

Ahhhh...the beach...I actually got in the water! For those of you who know me, that is a pretty big accomplishment...Jaws...du nuh du nuh..hahahaaa

This is a random pic from our honeymoon. Black hair? What was I thinking?


lauren w said...

Yes please! That's my answer to the sushi and a cocktail question. :)